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Chester Bennington • Linkin Park

Chester Bennington Jerry Johnson

Chester Bennington was one of the nicest people I have ever worked with.

He always asked how everyone was doing and was always genuine.

He was also funny and great to be around.

For several years I was the studio drum tech for Linkin Park—year after year of creating, fun, and sushi at NRG Recording Studios and a few others.

We had a moment at Sphere recording studios LA, where Chester decided to kick some beats on my 1960s Rogers drum kit.

Today I thought about him and am grateful to have been with him and the other guys.

This kit sounds great tuned traditionally and super cool when deadened and used
for a lo-fi vibe.

Several artists have used these drums.

This summer, I plan to post photos from life with some of the most amazing musicians.

Chester………… miss that guy

Take care, Jerry